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Kennedy Center Honors - Paul McCartney Tribute.♥ I absolutly LOVE this!!! ♥ :) OMG OmG OMG.. Stephen Tyler singing Beatles songs..I totally squeed like a 12-year-old LOL Dave Grohl and James Taylor too ..ZoMG- Paul McCartney mouthing along..the celebs in the audience all rocking out..priceless! ::::dies::

There is a Beatles tribute sort of thing at the beginning that is really cool, and then No Doubt sings and then Dave Grohl and Nora Jones..  And then Steven Tyler comes on about 10:12 or so and does an Abbey Road Medley and made my ovaries explode LOL  ZOMG!  This..  Just ..Gaaaah..  This is so amazing too, because the auditorium is full of celebs who are all just rocking out and totally loving the performance.  It’s things like this that amaze me.  A huge room full of people of all different ages, races, religions, political affiliations, sexual orientations, and backgrounds,  but in this space, in this moment, they are all just people, loving and being moved and affected by the music. 

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